Poèmes d’après NEW YORK MOVIE

Afin d’illustrer la thématique Ways of seing, ways of saying en littérature anglaise, les élèves de TL de Mme Isabelle Griveau  ont écrit des poèmes d’après le tableau New York Movie de Edward HOPPER (1939) L’art inspire depuis toujours les poètes. Les écrits basés sur des œuvres d’art relèvent de la pratique de l’«ekphrasis ». Il s’agit ainsi de s’emparer de l’image pour la « faire parler ».

« Qu’est ce qu’un poète si ce n’est un traducteur, un déchiffreur », disait Baudelaire.

The show is playing

lights off

life off

the inaudible noise of her thoughts

still living

still, while the show’s going on

not even open to her who opens the theatre

and while she’s waiting with her only loneliness

her life is happening rather than playing


away from these ghostly lights illuminating

a stage deprived of life

which barely allow her to live reality



The usherelte is in the theater

she is alone and pensive,

this job to live,

is to boring for her.



I am lonely by my side asking myself why,

Why are they smiling while i am just thinking,

torturing myself about what kind of person would I become.



The blue of her dress

Was the exit of the warm colours around her

And as the audience was impressed

The usherette wanted to leave the theater


She is alone

While time goes by

She should go home

To see what life looks like.


Alone in a place,

where everyone wants to be,

thinking of her life,

wishing for the exit,

the blue lady was here,

but her mind was outside.


Lost in her mind, far away from the scene

Thinking of her child and her situation

The people and this film thousand times seen,

But she stays here, trapped in her blue uniform.



Standing right there in her long dress

She seemed so lonely

That I could almost see

The reflect of my own sadness

In her melancholic blue eyes,

If only I knew what was on her mind



The theater is the place of all the sensation

But the usherette in this place is alone with any expression

The theater is the place of laughs and tears

But she looks like pensive and alose tired of it

Next to the exit she is ready to go home

While all the people are seat and finish to applause



She is alone and want to go home,

But the public is here, so she can't live this place,

Because she's the usherette.


In bright light layed dark thoughts

The numb routine she had not sought

But a glimmer of hope shimmered

The call of freedom she heard.



She’s still alone like under a dome. Always prisoner of these warm colors, Blinded by the gleam of the spectators, This blue shiver, Prostrate in this theater, Has only one desire; Maybe she would just to go home, but maybe it’s the fate of an usherette.



When I feel lonely

I try to get away

In a dreaming place

So that I could get in peace



Poèmes  écrits par les élèves de TL Marine