With or Without my Mobile

Have you ever wondered what a day would be like without your technological best friend; I mean your phone? Today; at 7am I decided to not use my phone for the whole day to see if I could manage to get on. It frightened me at first. I wondered how the day was going to go and what obstacles I would face. At the start, I didn’t feel any different than usual. I got ready and walked to the bus stop and waited for my bus. Can you see the problem arising? The bus arrived. I got in and here came the first obstacle. I usually listen to music to put myself in a good mood, but I had no phone. Consequently, I decided to talk to the girl next to me and surprisingly, it was quite fun. I don’t usually like talking to people I don’t know but on this occasion; it was different.

Then, later in the day, I went to have lunch with my friends. I sometimes spend more than fifty percent of my time on my phone but this time I took advantage of the not having a phone and lived the moment and it was actually great. We laughed a lot. It was much better than being sunk in my technological world.

The end of the day was approaching. I came back home and my sister and brother were in front of the tv. Amazingly, I wasn’t tempted to sit with them and been asked them to play a board game! We had a great time and I think the physical contact moments are the most important and memorable, I realise that now.

Thanks to this experience, I realised that all this time I was missing the best parts of life and guess what? I left my phone at home the next day!

By Alistair Moinaux 2nd Green

A Week Without

Have you already lived without your phone for one week? Well that’s something I accomplished, and I wanted to share this experience with you.

For a start, you have to separate yourself form the phone and to be honest, it’s really difficult. Believe me, if you just switch off your phone and put it in your cupboard, you can be sure that five minutes later, you’ll be on it. My advice is that you give it to your parents or a friend that keeps it hidden from you. You know what? It worked!

Amazingly, the first day without this device wasn’t as difficult as I imagined. The thing is that I was so excited to succeed with that challenge that I’ve put up with it really quickly. Maybe that was because I didn’t have anything special to do (see no phone calls).

The second day things began to be more difficult. Naturally, I was beginning to miss my phone but also my favorite football team was playing that night and I had too much homework to do. Usually, I watch the results the next day on my phone, but as you know, I couldn’t. I finally decided to ask my dad. I was surprised he answered me “No” laughing at me! Thanks for your support, Dad.

The two other days that passed were torture! I was all jittery! It was horrible! Plus, all my friends were telling me about some things they saw on Instagram or Snapchat and it made me feel more and more curious.

Amazingly, the last three days were the best! I finally was used to the lack of devices! But to be honest, I wasn’t sad to have my phone back. (By the way my team won 2-0).

To finish, I can say it was an interesting experience. You learn to live without your device and that is good. My new goal is to have a go again but this time for 2 weeks. My advice is that you have to hang in there: you’ll see, afterwards you won’t ever use your phone that much again!

By Mathew Dolmazon 2nd Argent

Coping Without a Phone ?

How would you cope with spending a whole week without your phone? Well, this is what I tried to find out and I can assure you it isn’t always easy.

To start with I’m used to listening to music on my phone when I travel back home after school. Whereas, not being able to, didn’t make the time fly by as fast. Surprisingly, I didn’t find it disturbing. As I take the train, the noise was relaxing, which was nice after a long day at school.

Then, as we always have our phone with us wherever we go, I was constantly feeling as if I was missing something. I couldn’t check the time, or my messages, especially on weekends since they must be turned off inside the school’s buildings. Predictably, this made it the most stressful part of the challenge. It was also frustrating since these simple things have become a habit in our everyday life.

The last point I’d like to make is how much we rely on phones. In the modern world, most of the communication is done via text messages. This experience opened up my eyes as I experienced the lack of face to face conversations. To illustrate this point, one evening, I took the train back home as usual and my mother wasn’t able to tell me that we had an appointment that day, so she would bring me there instead. In this case, she would normally send me an SMS in the middle of the day, but that week, she couldn’t reach me at the last minute.

All in all, this week without my phone made me realise that we rely a lot on them, and probably a bit too much. They reduce the number of real conversations. On the other hand, they bring us simple things in a day, that wouldn’t be possible without technology. Surprisingly,        I enjoyed it and why don’t you try as well?

By Mélanie Steele 2nd Argent