Into the wood

I think I’m being followed. Me Anastasia, ten years old, I’m going back to my house, but I have to cross the forest. I just get in there and I really think I’m being followed. I don’t why and by who but I’m sure.

It is dark, the trees are scary, I’m slowly shaking, the leaves rustle under my feet and the person’s one. I can’t stop thinking about the scary shadow behind me. There is a house at one mile and half. Everything is strange in this wood, even that house which is all made of sweets, and it’s look like the one in Hansel and Gretel story. As I just get in the house I heard deafening screams. Two children were locked in a giant oven. I unlock them and they tell me that it is an evil witch who was following me since I entered into the forest. Then they helped me to find a new safe place to hide from my follower.

When we were in front of the castle, which was terrifying, dark and similar to the one in Bluebeard’s story, birds were singing in a sinister way. At the door, I asked the children to wait for me. I get in and I can say that there is a horrible smell that looks like dead bodies. The 7th wife of bluebeard is terrified. When she saw me she screamed so I just hugged her and told her that everything will be okay with me that I will save her. She told me that her husband would be back in 15 minutes, so we ran out of the castle and went straight into the wood.

After a while we saw a huge tower with hair that where falling from the window. I immediately thought about Rapunzel, a story which my mother use to tell me. I screamed “Rapunzel” and a second after I saw her face and she told us to use her hair to climb the tower. When everyone arrived, I said goodnight to all of these people and found my way back.

After this day, I went back home with all of these memories in my head.

Ambre M, Eugenie L, Lucie B, Victoria F