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Le 28 novembre 2017

Nous sommes heureuses de vous présenter 3 lycéennes de Bossuet  Dinda,  Makenna, et  Martina … pas comme les autres. Toutes les trois participent au programme Yep du Rotary Club (Youth Exchange Program. Des jeunes, âgés de 15 à 18 ans, passent une année scolaire dans un pays étranger. Pendant cette année tout à fait exceptionnelle, ils sont scolarisés dans un lycée et ils habitent dans des familles d’accueil. )

Dinda (Indonésie), Makenna ( New York) et Martina (Equateur), les trois étudiantes étrangères ont décidé de vivre un an en France et d’étudier au sein de notre lycée. Aujourd’hui, elles partagent avec nous leur expérience.

En face, de droite à gauche: Dinda, Makenna, Martina

Makkena, Dinda et Martina sont trois étudiantes étrangères qui ont décidé de vivre un an en France et d’étudier au sein de notre lycée. Aujourd’hui, elles partagent avec nous leur expérience.

What are the reasons why you came to France ?

  • Makkena : I already knew France. But I wanted to learn more about it because I love exploring the world.
  • Dinda : For me, it was a little bit different. First of all, I didn’t decide to come to France. The program chose for me. But finally I am happy to be here, and it allows me to learn new language.
  • Martina: I was in the same association as Dinda and Makkena. But like Dinda, France was not in my first choices. But I can discover new countries because France is very different from Asia, and that is cool.

What was your first impression when you came to the high school?

  • Dinda: I don’t speak French very well. But I managed to make five new friends who helped me to feel less lost.
  • Makkena : My first impression was that French people are very nice. But, they are a little bit colder than American people. Also, I noticed that there are very many rules in the school and no one explained them to us.

Do you think you will come back to France again after this year?

  • Makkena: For me, I would come back to France because I like this country. But only to visit, not to live.

Do you miss your country?

  • Makkena: I often miss my family and my country. But I think that this is a good experience. My host family is awesome, and French people are very free and open-minded, even if sometimes we can have some problems of communication because of the culture shock. But I really love them.

One word to describe the French :

  • Makkena: Passionate.
  • Martina: When you want to cross the street, they stop for you.
  • Dinda: Sweet, they give you a lot of attention.

What is the  biggest difference between France and your country?

  • Makkena: People and Relationships. French people are more strict and formal.
  • Martina: School is also very different.
  • Dinda: For me, it would be good if in France, food was less sweet, and more spicy.

Great, thank you girls for answering our questions, I hope you have a good stay here, in our lovely country.

  • Girls: You’re Welcome!