Create Bossuet own Walk of Fame.


(notion : Mythes & Héros)

Step 1/ To do so, you will choose a well-known character or anyone in your life who deserves his/her own star.

Choose someone who inspired you.
You may create a slide show / power point / poster to illustrate your speech and to help you remember the main ideas / key words

 Step 2 / Create a real « Star » to launch the Bossuet Walk of Fame. Find an original way to introduce your personal hero : your work of art will have to be composed of an artistic part and of a written part (the remediation of  your oral presentation)

Terminales L Marine

Trip to Sri Lanka


On October 11 we left France for an exciting holiday in Sri Lanka. As soon as we arrived we were greeted by Nerandja ; our wonderful guide. We couldn’t have asked for a better leader. In addition to speaking French, he has a contagious passion for his country with its beautiful natural surroundings. During the afternoon we visited a primary school in a rural area, where the little schoolgirls treated us to a song. Although we had the opportunity tosri11 donate school supplies and books, we were touched by their own generosity in turn. They kindly served us delicious local food and tea. Our visit even got featured in the national newspaper ! Continuer la lecture de Trip to Sri Lanka

Le Misanthrope à la Comédie-Française

Le soir du 7 octobre, les élèves d’hypokhâgne, khâgne, de l’option théâtre et de terminale L, accompagnés de Messieurs Madeira, Robineau et de Madame Carraud, ont assisté à la représentation théâtrale du , mis en scène par Clément Hervieu-Légez.


A 17H précise, les élèves se sont retrouvés au lycée pour prendre le car qui les a conduits au Palais Royal. A leur arrivée, vers 18H30, ils ont pris une collation dans le jardin du Palais, avant de se diriger vers la fameuse salle à l’Italienne, la salle Richelieu.

Avis des élèves:

Solenn, élève première L: J’ai beaucoup aimé la sortie, les jardins du palais et la salle de spectacle. Il y avait également de bons acteurs qui ont donné une performance impressionnante, mais la pièce m’a parue un peu longue, notamment en raison de notre place tout à gauche qui m’empêchait de voir certaines scènes. Continuer la lecture de Le Misanthrope à la Comédie-Française


princePrinceton University today. Amazing campus with a Chapel that looks like a Cathedral. We toured the Cezanne exhibit at the campus art museum. Several students enjoyed seeing the original Monet painting of the bridge in Giverny. Andy Warhol and Remington painting s too.

Echange scolaire : US TRIP Pennigton & New York (11 to 24/10)

Today was a full day visiting New York. We went up to the 86th floor of the Empire State building this morning. Then lunch in Bryant Park, a walk in the New York streets and Central Park. We walked up 5th Avenue, stopped at Rockefellar Center and Radio City Music Hall, not to mention Times Square. We re on our way back to Pennington for a little rest!


Philadelphia, the first U.S capital. Just a one-hour train ride from Pennington. We visited Indépendance Hall and the Liberty Bell while learning about the French involvement in the American Revolutionary War

NY4A little bit of Bossuet in CentralPark.

The first day of the skating rink at Rockefellar Center.ny3