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LUNDI 14 Journée Allemande, MARDI 15 Journée Espagnole,

JEUDI 17 Journée italienne, VENDREDI 18 Journée anglaise et américaine,

Plusieurs activités diverses  ont été ménées par les professeurs de Langue: Danses, quizz, débat, dégustations, fabrication de masques, ect…





School trip to Pennington, New Jersey October 11 to 24, 2015

A group of 12 students from the International Section went on a school trip to
Pennington, New Jersey. The students were hosted by families of the students attending
Pennington High School. They were accompanied by IS teachers Diane Hart and Thomas

Sightseeing was an exciting part of the trip. The students visited 3 major American cities : New York City
Philadelphia and Washington, D.C., where they stayed overnite. They also visited Princeton University;
an Ivy League school.

The students attended 2 days of school, where they had the opportunity to the observe classes of their
American counterpart. In addition, as it was Homecoming weekend at school, they also saw a
Pep rally on Friday night and a Homecoming football game on Saturday afternoon.

Here are some snapshots of this unforgettable trip !

The Statue of Liberty is one of the most famous monuments of the United States. This monumental statue is located in New York City on the island of Liberty Island south of Manhattan
A imminent departure…

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« The landlady », nouvelle policière de Roald DAHL

Capture land 2

Sous la houlette de Mme Griveau, les élèves de Seconde verte ont imaginé la suite de la nouvelle de Roald Dahl, intitulée « the Landlady ». Voici trois productions qui font froid dans le dos!
« No, my dear, she said. Only you. »
Billy didn’t know what to think about the Landlady, She was odd!
He suddenly had an unexplained headache:
« Excuse me, I’m exhausted by the outward trip, could you show me my room? »
« Of course! She said with a doubtful smile, follow me, please. »
Billy’s room was creppy, glummy: The perfect opposite of a hospital room, clouds of dust in each corner.
Billy put his bag, and had a sit on his bed. « This B&B is freak, I had to be careful… First, I won’t drink another cup of this tea, ever! »
He tried to remember something about the disappearance of Gregory and Christopher, but didn’t achieve. Since Billy was determined to find the truth about them, he decided to go out to buy the yesterday’s newspaper.
When he opened his door, he saw another one, half open, chose having a look… Then, he found two men, on the dusty floor… Christopher and Gregory!
« I have to call the… » But, Billy was already dead, fallen between the men. Slowly, the Landlady pushed the door, and smiling, again…

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