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Nouvelles d’Ailleurs…

Parmi les nombreuses activités du Rotary Club figure le programme YEP ; Youth Exchange Program. Les jeunes, âgés de 15 à 18 ans, passent une année scolaire dans un pays étranger. Pendant cette année tout à fait exceptionnelle, ils sont scolarisés dans un lycée et ils habitent dans des familles d’accueil.   
Emmeline Hanaud-Hart, élève actuellement en classe de 1ère ES au Lycée Bossuet, est partie en Colombie l’an dernier dans le cadre du programme. Nous lui avons posé des questions à propos de son séjour et son retour en France.


  1. Comment as-tu vécu ton année en Colombie ? Tes impressions générales ?

            J’ai tout simplement adoré! La Colombie est un pays magnifique, avec une culture très    riche et des gens très ouverts Continuer la lecture de Nouvelles d’Ailleurs…

School trip to Pennington, New Jersey October 11 to 24, 2015

A group of 12 students from the International Section went on a school trip to
Pennington, New Jersey. The students were hosted by families of the students attending
Pennington High School. They were accompanied by IS teachers Diane Hart and Thomas

Sightseeing was an exciting part of the trip. The students visited 3 major American cities : New York City
Philadelphia and Washington, D.C., where they stayed overnite. They also visited Princeton University;
an Ivy League school.

The students attended 2 days of school, where they had the opportunity to the observe classes of their
American counterpart. In addition, as it was Homecoming weekend at school, they also saw a
Pep rally on Friday night and a Homecoming football game on Saturday afternoon.

Here are some snapshots of this unforgettable trip !

The Statue of Liberty is one of the most famous monuments of the United States. This monumental statue is located in New York City on the island of Liberty Island south of Manhattan
A imminent departure…

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princePrinceton University today. Amazing campus with a Chapel that looks like a Cathedral. We toured the Cezanne exhibit at the campus art museum. Several students enjoyed seeing the original Monet painting of the bridge in Giverny. Andy Warhol and Remington painting s too.

Echange scolaire : US TRIP Pennigton & New York (11 to 24/10)

Today was a full day visiting New York. We went up to the 86th floor of the Empire State building this morning. Then lunch in Bryant Park, a walk in the New York streets and Central Park. We walked up 5th Avenue, stopped at Rockefellar Center and Radio City Music Hall, not to mention Times Square. We re on our way back to Pennington for a little rest!


Philadelphia, the first U.S capital. Just a one-hour train ride from Pennington. We visited Indépendance Hall and the Liberty Bell while learning about the French involvement in the American Revolutionary War

NY4A little bit of Bossuet in CentralPark.

The first day of the skating rink at Rockefellar Center.ny3