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Trip to Sri Lanka


On October 11 we left France for an exciting holiday in Sri Lanka. As soon as we arrived we were greeted by Nerandja ; our wonderful guide. We couldn’t have asked for a better leader. In addition to speaking French, he has a contagious passion for his country with its beautiful natural surroundings. During the afternoon we visited a primary school in a rural area, where the little schoolgirls treated us to a song. Although we had the opportunity tosri11 donate school supplies and books, we were touched by their own generosity in turn. They kindly served us delicious local food and tea. Our visit even got featured in the national newspaper ! Continuer la lecture de Trip to Sri Lanka

Séjour linguistique en Italie…suite

Sesto 7h30
Visite de Milan , ses canaux, ses monuments: le Duomo, la Galleria
Et pour finir une bonne pizza !
Demain c’est le départ et la séparation sera terrible!
Un échange réussi!
                                                                                            Nadia Crenna

                                                                            Professeur d’ Italien