« The landlady », nouvelle policière de Roald DAHL

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Sous la houlette de Mme Griveau, les élèves de Seconde verte ont imaginé la suite de la nouvelle de Roald Dahl, intitulée « the Landlady ». Voici trois productions qui font froid dans le dos!
« No, my dear, she said. Only you. »
Billy didn’t know what to think about the Landlady, She was odd!
He suddenly had an unexplained headache:
« Excuse me, I’m exhausted by the outward trip, could you show me my room? »
« Of course! She said with a doubtful smile, follow me, please. »
Billy’s room was creppy, glummy: The perfect opposite of a hospital room, clouds of dust in each corner.
Billy put his bag, and had a sit on his bed. « This B&B is freak, I had to be careful… First, I won’t drink another cup of this tea, ever! »
He tried to remember something about the disappearance of Gregory and Christopher, but didn’t achieve. Since Billy was determined to find the truth about them, he decided to go out to buy the yesterday’s newspaper.
When he opened his door, he saw another one, half open, chose having a look… Then, he found two men, on the dusty floor… Christopher and Gregory!
« I have to call the… » But, Billy was already dead, fallen between the men. Slowly, the Landlady pushed the door, and smiling, again…

Justine P. 2nde verte

« No, my dear, » she said. « Only you. »
« Your tea is strange » said Billy.
Billy felt tired. His head turned, his eyelids became more and more heavy. He looked at the landlady smiling and fell down.
When he woke up, he felt a draught on his body and, he understood he was completely nacked on the table. He saw his clothes on the floor and saw the window was open.He was attached on the table with a big bracelets and one of them was detached .. He looked around him and saw Mr. Mulholland and Mr. Temple were stuffed beside him.
« They are beautiful, no ? » said the landlady.
She came into the piece with a trolley. She took a pair of gloves and took a scalpel. She became to open me at the level of my chest .. And, at this moment, someone rang at the door ..
« I come back my dear » she said.
« And, it’s like that you could run away ? » said the psychologist.
« Yes mister. » said Billy.
« Okay Mr. Weaver. Good bye ! »

Melissa L. 2nde verte

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“- No, my dear,” she said. “Only you.”
The last words pronounced by the landlady resonated in Billy’s head. He could not prevent himself to hear resonated “only you”.
Billy wondered why he was alone in the bed and breakfast and why there had not been any other guests except him, Christopher Mulholland and Gregory Temple for two years. He felt suddenly odd, he could not feel his legs and eyelids became heavy. In a last effort he saw the landlady put her cup of tea and smiling.
When he woke up, he looked around him and saw he wasn’t in his bedroom anymore. Billy was in another room and felt like if something has change. The atmosphere was weird and he was astonished when he heard the landlady said:
– “My loves ones say hello to your new friend Billy.”
Billy tried to move his head to see who she was talking to but he couldn’t, he could just moved his eyes and saw the 2 guests stuffed. That’s how he knew he was stuffed too.


Servane C. 2nde verte