With or Without my Mobile

Have you ever wondered what a day would be like without your technological best friend; I mean your phone? Today; at 7am I decided to not use my phone for the whole day to see if I could manage to get on. It frightened me at first. I wondered how the day was going to go and what obstacles I would face. At the start, I didn’t feel any different than usual. I got ready and walked to the bus stop and waited for my bus. Can you see the problem arising? The bus arrived. I got in and here came the first obstacle. I usually listen to music to put myself in a good mood, but I had no phone. Consequently, I decided to talk to the girl next to me and surprisingly, it was quite fun. I don’t usually like talking to people I don’t know but on this occasion; it was different.

Then, later in the day, I went to have lunch with my friends. I sometimes spend more than fifty percent of my time on my phone but this time I took advantage of the not having a phone and lived the moment and it was actually great. We laughed a lot. It was much better than being sunk in my technological world.

The end of the day was approaching. I came back home and my sister and brother were in front of the tv. Amazingly, I wasn’t tempted to sit with them and been asked them to play a board game! We had a great time and I think the physical contact moments are the most important and memorable, I realise that now.

Thanks to this experience, I realised that all this time I was missing the best parts of life and guess what? I left my phone at home the next day!

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